Top Rated Chromebooks of 2016

For those who are not aware, a chromebook is a special laptop that runs the Linux-based Chrome operating system and has been optimized for web browsing features, with a significant portion of its data being stored in the realms of the cloud storage world. The first ever Chromebooks to be introduced into the consumer market were from Acer and Samsung manufacturers way back in mid-2011. Since then, the typical feature set of some these types of computing devices has been improving and is nowadays outstanding. In some sense, the best Chromebooks 2016 have been designed to provide users with both impressive performance and solid affordability as well.

Dell Chromebook 11 11.6-inch

Enhance your computing capabilities with the Dell Chromebook 11.6 inch laptop which is ideal for students, and also qualifies as an affordable computing unit as well. This laptop is not only simple to use, secure, it features a 10-hour battery that is meant to revolutionize the ways students learn. Besides that, this laptop also features 2G Ram and ample sized 1.7Ghz processor that is more than capable of handling your favorite tasks. The laptop also comes with an appealing exterior design that makes it an excellent addition for your unique computing needs.

ASUS C100PA-DB01 Chromebook Flip 10.1″ T

Experience the superior quality of the ASUS C100P Chromebook that comes with an ample sized rock chip 1.8 GHz processor that is more than capable of handling your favorite tasks. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the ample sized 2GB ram that can handle most of your heavyweight tasks and applications like a breeze. The manufacturers of this laptop make it more functional with the inclusion with the 16GB solid state drive that comprises of no moving parts for the ultimate data storage mechanism. This unit also comes with the highly efficient and powerful Chrome OS for added functionality.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S

Discover the excellence of the Acer Chromebook 15-CB5-571 that comes with various unique features such as the ample sized 15.6-inch screen that allows for a wide viewing angle display. Besides that, this Chrome book comes with an astonishingly fast processor the Intel Celeron Dual Core 3205U 1.5 GHz processor that power through most tasks and applications with ease. This unit also comes with 32 GB worth of solid state drive along with free Google cloud-based services for your unique data storage needs.


Overall, when all factors are considered Chromebooks are excellent additions for those who want to experience next generation computing features long with top class hardware features as well. More importantly, the computers allow users to store their data in cloud storage for the ultimate data access convenience.


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