There are very many brands and models of Netbooks available and the Googles Chromebook is gaining popularity. To help you gain some more insight and find online stores that offer the best, we have a list of resources that may help. Some of the resources offer more advice or explanations about the different products on offer. Other links are for shopping or lending of Netbooks and Chromebooks.

Advice, comparisons, and explanations

The links below offer advice and opinions about which computer product is the best to buy. You can use it as a guide for your decision-making. There are also links to comparisons between laptops, Netbooks, Chromebooks, and other computers. We hope these links will assist your next computer purchase.

Shopping for Netbooks, Chromebooks, and Accessories

The links below offer different sites where you can shop for the Netbook, Chromebook, or laptop that you want. There are brand specific as well as general shopping links. You should find a wide range of products on these sites and should find the best place to buy yours.

General Information Resources

You can visit these 3 links for further information. They are like search engines and offer a wide range of information. You can ask almost any question on and get an answer. InformationVine and Zapmeta both offer a lot of sites with valuable information.

If you cannot find information or help from these links, please contact us so we can help you find what you are looking for. There are many more resources out there that you can use. We are also a resource on our own.