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Top Rated Chromebooks of 2016

For those who are not aware, a chromebook is a special laptop that runs the Linux-based Chrome operating system and has been optimized for web browsing features, with a significant portion of its data being stored in the realms of the cloud storage world. The first ever Chromebooks to be introduced into the consumer market were from Acer and Samsung manufacturers way back in mid-2011. Since then, the typical feature set of some these types of computing devices has been improving and is nowadays outstanding. In some sense, the best Chromebooks 2016 have been designed to provide users with both impressive performance and solid affordability as well.

Dell Chromebook 11 11.6-inch

Enhance your computing capabilities with the Dell Chromebook 11.6 inch laptop which is ideal for students, and also qualifies as an affordable computing unit as well. This laptop is not only simple to use, secure, it features a 10-hour battery that is meant to revolutionize the ways students learn. Besides that, this laptop also features 2G Ram and ample sized 1.7Ghz processor that is more than capable of handling your favorite tasks. The laptop also comes with an appealing exterior design that makes it an excellent addition for your unique computing needs.

ASUS C100PA-DB01 Chromebook Flip 10.1″ T

Experience the superior quality of the ASUS C100P Chromebook that comes with an ample sized rock chip 1.8 GHz processor that is more than capable of handling your favorite tasks. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the ample sized 2GB ram that can handle most of your heavyweight tasks and applications like a breeze. The manufacturers of this laptop make it more functional with the inclusion with the 16GB solid state drive that comprises of no moving parts for the ultimate data storage mechanism. This unit also comes with the highly efficient and powerful Chrome OS for added functionality.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S

Discover the excellence of the Acer Chromebook 15-CB5-571 that comes with various unique features such as the ample sized 15.6-inch screen that allows for a wide viewing angle display. Besides that, this Chrome book comes with an astonishingly fast processor the Intel Celeron Dual Core 3205U 1.5 GHz processor that power through most tasks and applications with ease. This unit also comes with 32 GB worth of solid state drive along with free Google cloud-based services for your unique data storage needs.


Overall, when all factors are considered Chromebooks are excellent additions for those who want to experience next generation computing features long with top class hardware features as well. More importantly, the computers allow users to store their data in cloud storage for the ultimate data access convenience.


Choosing a Good Netbook for Your Business Goals

When it comes to choosing the ideal computer for your unique computing needs, you will be pleased to know that you have a broad spectrum of options at your disposal. The latest in line in the realms of the cutting edge computing world are the best netbooks for business. Whether you are traveling, a manager or simply a staff member who wants to accomplish various company goals, choosing the best computer for your needs has its inherent benefits each time. Simply put, you are not only sure of solid performance, but you are also guaranteed of receiving impressive affordability as well.

Best netbooks for business

Acer Chromebook 11.6″ denim white CB3-131-C3KD

Experience the superior quality of the Acer Chrome book denim white CB3-131-C3KD computer that comes with a processor to power through all your business tasks with outstanding results. Besides that, this unit also provides exceptional data storage capacity since it comes with a 16GB solid-state disk drive that barely has any moving parts for optimal performance. According to , users will also appreciate the inclusion of the superior Ram that produces well over 2GB of power and the Google Chrome operating system that is highly efficient.

Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop

Make an excellent impression on the rest of your business team with the Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop that features an Intel Atom 1.5GHz processors that work exceptionally well when it comes to completing your main company tasks. Additionally, this computer also features an ample sized 2GB ram along with well over 250 GB Hard drive space for storing all your system data and relevant information as well. With its ample sized 10.1-inch screen, you can easily share your progress with the rest of the team at the company.

Acer Chromebook 15 C910-C453

Realize most if not all of your business goals with the Ace Acer Chromebook 15 C910-C453 laptop that comes with a special Intel Celeron Dual Core processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. This type of processor means that handling all your tasks is a breeze and the inclusion of the 4GB DDR3L SDRAM is more than capable of handling most of your heavyweight processes. Furthermore, this Acer unit also comes with an ample sized 15.6-inch HD screen for displaying all the relevant operations of your current progress at work.

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-Inch

Embrace netbook computing in style with the exceptional ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-Inch that provides an excellent 10.5 hours of battery life, thereby eliminating the need to worry about powering your device when travelling on the go. This computer comes with a contemporary ATOM CPU from Intel that provides well over 667MHz of speed and is regarded s the fastest in its category. Besides that, it also comes with an ergonomic keyboard and a multi-touchpad that makes handling all your business tasks a breeze.

Everything You Need to Know About Chromebooks

What is a Chromebook? This was a question asked by many when they were first introduced back in June 2011. Well, Chromebooks are a kind of laptop which runs on Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. Unlike traditional computers, the Chromebook is intended to be used exclusively while connected to the internet, with most of the computer’s applications and data being based in the cloud and accessed remotely. Although the operating system is provided by Google, third party companies such as Samsung and Acer provide the hardware for Chrome OS to run on.


Chromebooks rely heavily on an internet connection to fully function, so they are ideally suited for surfing the web, checking emails and social media, as well as media streaming. Most Chromebooks cost a lot less than standard laptops, with pricing for low-end models as little as $200, and, thanks to their SSD hard drives and the optimization of Chrome OS, they hardly take any time to power up. Being constantly connected to the internet, means that Chromebooks are able to automatically update themselves to the newest version of their software, and similarly, the built-in virus/malware protection is always kept up to date. Chromebooks tend to be pretty light weight, so coupled with their decent battery life, are a great choice for those who need to take their laptop on the move. It was recently announced that Google plans to bring Android Apps to Chromebooks, with the introduction of the Google Play Store to Chrome OS, something which will hugely increase the number of apps available on Chromebooks.


Although all of this might seem like the perfect recipe for a great laptop, the closed nature of Chrome OS also introduces a lot of limits for users. For starters, Google are heavily pushing their own cloud-based alternative to Microsoft Office, meaning that the latter is not able to run on Chromebooks, and similarly, Photoshop is conspicuous in its absence from the platform. Until Android Apps come to Chrome OS, do not expect to run many games on your Chromebook, and even when they do, don’t expect anything graphically intensive.

Since they are intended to run from the cloud, Chromebooks have extremely limited amounts of onboard storage (although to remedy this, Google include two years of 100gb online storage for free with every purchase). The same is true for a lot of modern devices, but it is worth nothing that Chromebooks lack a CD drive and require a wireless printer for printing.


In some ways, Chromebooks are like a web-based compromise between tablets and laptops. They offer the portability and simplicity of the former whilst giving the physicality and familiarity of the latter.

If you’re looking for a laptop which is quick, secure and lightweight, then the Chromebook might be just what you are looking for – the device is perfect for daily, low-intensity use – but those looking for a more feature-rich, open ended experience should go elsewhere. Still, there can be no doubt that there’s a place for the Chromebook in the current tech ecosystem.

5 Benefits of Notebooks and Chromebooks for Students in the Classroom

Netbooks and Chromebooks can be very valuable in the classroom. It fills the gap between mobile devices that are too small and laptops that are sometimes too big for the classroom. Despite their value, Netbooks and Chromebooks have not yet been used in classrooms as well as it could. These smaller computers are very valuable for both school and university classrooms. Here’s why:

1. They are light weight

Netbooks and Chromebooks are smaller than laptops and don’t weigh too much. They can easily be carried in a backpack which makes it ideal for students. Carrying a laptop around can get very heavy when added to all the textbooks that are already in a bag.

2. They are compact

The smaller size of a Netbook or Chromebook makes it much easier to use in the classroom. A classroom desk can get very small if you need to have a textbook, stationery and a full-sized laptop fit on it. Netbooks are much easier to get out and use instantly.

3. Digital note-taking

Students are using pen and paper less and less as computers take over the world. Digital note-taking is a great alternative to the already computer-focused student. It makes it easy to change notes when studying and notes can be sent by email quickly to a classmate who missed the lecture.

4. They do their jobs well

Netbooks and Chromebooks may not offer everything a laptop does, but they do offer everything a student may need. Email, word processing, PowerPoint presentations, and internet browsing are all easily accessible on a Netbook. Another plus is the battery life that can last up to 10 hours in some devices.

5. The fewer capabilities is a plus in the classroom

A laptop with all a student’s games, photos, and social media on can become a distraction in no time. Instead of taking notes, the student may be updating Facebook or editing photos. Most Netbooks or Chromebooks do not have the processing capabilities for running all these things at the same time. Playing a game or visiting Facebook will also not be as pleasing on a small screen.

Notebooks and Chromebooks will definitely be an advantage in the classroom and hopefully, students and parents will soon realize the benefits.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Netbook

Netbooks are versatile and very useful. They are very popular amongst most computer users and offer almost everything you want for mobile use. However, there are a few things that you should know before buying one. Netbooks are not good replacements for your main PC or laptop. Before buying a Netbook, consider the following:

Size – Netbooks are much smaller than a normal laptop. Their screen sizes range between 10 and 12 inches. For use outside the office, they are great as they are portable and lightweight. For ‘real’ work, however, they may be too small and frustrate the user.

Processing Power – The processor in a Netbook can be twice as slow as that of a laptop. The processing power of a computer is what allows it to run different programs and process different commands. The slower the processor, the slower these things will happen. A Netbook processor should be efficient to run most resource-intensive programs, but it may happen slower than you would like.

RAM – RAM is the short-term memory of the computer that the processor uses to execute commands. When buying a Notebook, take note of the RAM that is available, especially if you are a multitasker. It the Netbook has insufficient RAM, you may struggle with running several programs at once or jumping between programs.

Storage Space – Most Netbooks offer a large amount of storage space and can double as a backup device. They usually have at least 120Gb hard drives and some models can have hard drives of up to 500Gb. Depending on the purpose of your Netbook, you should look at the amount of storage space available.

Optical Drives – Netbooks offer a variety of ports for SD cards, USB, VGA, DVI, and Ethernet. For most people, these ports will be sufficient. Netbooks do not have optical drives as the small size does not allow for it. Keep in mind whether you will need this feature to do your work before buying a Netbook.

With these things in mind, you should be able to decide whether a Netbook will be good for your purposes or not. They can be very handy but also have some limitations.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Netbook

Netbooks have taken the world by storm. Asus started the trend in 2007 and now every PC manufacturer has a model in their catalog. Despite their older and slower software, Netbooks have become widely used by everyone from kids to businessmen. People love them so much because:

They are portable. If you need to do on-site visits or meet a client and need your computer, a Netbook is ideal. There is no need to take apart your whole office system just to attend a meeting or show a picture to a client. A Netbook is easy to carry with you and it can hold all the essential software and programs you may need.

They are great for communication purposes. Netbooks are ideal for handling quick tasks like ordering lunch or finding the nearest dry cleaners. They are also great for checking emails, having a quick Skype chat or conference, or even updating your Facebook status. No fuss.

They are great for photographers. The portability and built-in memory cards make a Netbook an ideal tool for photographers. They can quickly back up photos to the Netbook and view them on a bigger screen than the camera offers. You can even take a few photos with the Netbook’s webcam.

They are life savers when your main system fails. A Netbook can act as another backup device for your main PC or laptop. When the system crashes, all your files are safe and you can continue working. No need for another external drive, just get a Notebook.

They are affordable. You can buy some Notebooks for less than you would pay for high-end cell phones. They are affordable and offer more benefits than a new phone. Prices will differ across brands and models, but you are sure to find one that will suit your budget.

Netbooks are wonderful things and have a lot of good qualities to make it a must-have. If you spend most of your day on computers and need a backup, or if you’re a mom who just wants to check social media or play some games, or if you travel for business, a Netbook is ideal for you.