Best Chromebook Deals 2017

The chances are high that if you have been searching for an affordable laptop model to invest in, then you may have to consider the Top 5 Budget Chromebooks as an excellent investment for your computing needs. According to, this is because while the Chromebooks might be highly affordable computers, most of these things are often designed with excellent design features as well. As a result, you can enjoy the best of online streaming, exceptional graphics and appealing exterior designs as well. Here are some of the top affordable Chromebooks that you may consider starting out with:

Top 5 Chromebook Deals 2017:

Google Chromebook Pixel 2013 (WiFi) with 12.85″ LCD

Experience the superior quality of the Google Chrome book Pixel 2013, that comes with a sleek and precision inspired design to make it ideal for web browsing. Besides that, this laptop also features an ample sized Intel Core processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz to power through all your computing tasks. His laptop also features an anodized exterior design and backlit keyboard for added user convenience.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S

Take your computing capabilities to the next level with the Acer Chromebook 15 CBS 571 laptop that features an Intel Celeron Dual core processer that has an excellent clock speed of 1.5Ghz. Additionally, this computer also comes with an ample sized 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM that guarantees optimal performance results, especially for your heavyweight applications. The inclusion of the 32GB solid-state drive along with cloud-based storage services makes it an even more convenient computer.

ASUS C100PA-DB01 Chromebook Flip 10.1″ Touchscreen Laptop

Make an impression on your friends with the ASUS C100P Chromebook laptop that comes with a special Rockchip 1.8Ghz processor to power through all your favorite tasks. Besides that, this laptop also comes with a special 2GB DDR3 Ram along with well over 16 GB Solid state drive that comprises of no moving parts for optimal performance. The Chrome OS is also highly efficient and is meant for modern day computing power.

Dell Chromebook 11 11.6-inch

Put the power of the web in your hands with the Dell Chromebook that comes with an ample sized screen to make it ideal for streaming video and watching your favorite videos. This computer also comes with a unique Intel Celeron processor that power all through your tasks and the inclusion of the 4GB memory can handle all your heavyweight applications.

Lenovo IdeaPad N20P 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Chromebook

Take your computing capabilities to the next level with the Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook that comes with a special Intel Celeron Dual core processor to power through your favorite computing tasks. Besides that, this Ideapad computer also has 16GB solid state hard drive, and the ample sized 11.6-inch screen displays all the relevant content in superior quality.
Given all these points, choosing an excellent computer is as important as investing in one that is also affordable enough for your computing needs. Therefore, we highly recommend that you start our with some of the Top 5 Budget Chrome books as an excellent addition for your computing needs.

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