5 Reasons Why You Need a Netbook

Netbooks have taken the world by storm. Asus started the trend in 2007 and now every PC manufacturer has a model in their catalog. Despite their older and slower software, Netbooks have become widely used by everyone from kids to businessmen. People love them so much because:

They are portable. If you need to do on-site visits or meet a client and need your computer, a Netbook is ideal. There is no need to take apart your whole office system just to attend a meeting or show a picture to a client. A Netbook is easy to carry with you and it can hold all the essential software and programs you may need.

They are great for communication purposes. Netbooks are ideal for handling quick tasks like ordering lunch or finding the nearest dry cleaners. They are also great for checking emails, having a quick Skype chat or conference, or even updating your Facebook status. No fuss.

They are great for photographers. The portability and built-in memory cards make a Netbook an ideal tool for photographers. They can quickly back up photos to the Netbook and view them on a bigger screen than the camera offers. You can even take a few photos with the Netbook’s webcam.

They are life savers when your main system fails. A Netbook can act as another backup device for your main PC or laptop. When the system crashes, all your files are safe and you can continue working. No need for another external drive, just get a Notebook.

They are affordable. You can buy some Notebooks for less than you would pay for high-end cell phones. They are affordable and offer more benefits than a new phone. Prices will differ across brands and models, but you are sure to find one that will suit your budget.

Netbooks are wonderful things and have a lot of good qualities to make it a must-have. If you spend most of your day on computers and need a backup, or if you’re a mom who just wants to check social media or play some games, or if you travel for business, a Netbook is ideal for you.

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