5 Benefits of Notebooks and Chromebooks for Students in the Classroom

Netbooks and Chromebooks can be very valuable in the classroom. It fills the gap between mobile devices that are too small and laptops that are sometimes too big for the classroom. Despite their value, Netbooks and Chromebooks have not yet been used in classrooms as well as it could. These smaller computers are very valuable for both school and university classrooms. Here’s why:

1. They are light weight

Netbooks and Chromebooks are smaller than laptops and don’t weigh too much. They can easily be carried in a backpack which makes it ideal for students. Carrying a laptop around can get very heavy when added to all the textbooks that are already in a bag.

2. They are compact

The smaller size of a Netbook or Chromebook makes it much easier to use in the classroom. A classroom desk can get very small if you need to have a textbook, stationery and a full-sized laptop fit on it. Netbooks are much easier to get out and use instantly.

3. Digital note-taking

Students are using pen and paper less and less as computers take over the world. Digital note-taking is a great alternative to the already computer-focused student. It makes it easy to change notes when studying and notes can be sent by email quickly to a classmate who missed the lecture.

4. They do their jobs well

Netbooks and Chromebooks may not offer everything a laptop does, but they do offer everything a student may need. Email, word processing, PowerPoint presentations, and internet browsing are all easily accessible on a Netbook. Another plus is the battery life that can last up to 10 hours in some devices.

5. The fewer capabilities is a plus in the classroom

A laptop with all a student’s games, photos, and social media on can become a distraction in no time. Instead of taking notes, the student may be updating Facebook or editing photos. Most Netbooks or Chromebooks do not have the processing capabilities for running all these things at the same time. Playing a game or visiting Facebook will also not be as pleasing on a small screen.

Notebooks and Chromebooks will definitely be an advantage in the classroom and hopefully, students and parents will soon realize the benefits.

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